Is Apple Actually Overrated?


When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, the cost was $499, which may be a decent price now, but was considered very expensive at that time because of less interest in electronics, and less features. The reason that iPhone is considered one of the best phones is OS Support Length. For Example, Apple still supports the iPhone 6s that was released in 2016, but Samsung now doesn’t support the software for the S8 that was released in 2018, which would take iPhone to the lead.


The MacBook is one of the popular computers selling currently, and you may discover it’s expensive. Well, you’re not alone, because many people ask that type of question. We said that Apple may be bad at hardware, but an expert at hardware. Apple uses their money on R&D on Software, which means that Apple makes good compatible software. Still, i3 for a $999 is pretty bad.


People often criticise Apple for ridiculous prices of their products, and that’s valid criticism. For example, some studies say that Apple’s products’ original costs are 75% of the cost on the market; and that’s why Apple’s profit is so high. Although Apple is a company that makes great electronics, Apple should find a way to decrease it’s products price, by lowering their profits for a while.


Apple pours money into R&D of software, and that’s the cause for the high cost. Apple is also known for excellent customer service, unlike any other tech company. Though Apple is a brand for the normal, it’s also expensive, unlike any brand for the ‘normal’. The perspective is important, how you look at it. Apple is expensive, but also worth it. Though Apple’s profits skyrocket, sell more products, get people addicted to buying their products, Apple will need to determine; If they’re going to be premium, or cheap.



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